We are spirituals brothers who love spending time doing things that allow us to experience the fullness of life. Together, we find that when we talk something through, we both learn and grow so much more than doing it solo.

We started this blog as a way to do something with our time that has the potential to benefit others. We want to keep an ongoing relationship with each other that includes some sort of spiritual connection and allows us to clarify our own values, goals, and understandings. The writing on this site is of our experiences, feelings, and thoughts on spiritual, relational, and academic matters. We’re writing in the hopes that it allows us to better understand ourselves and each other and that others may find something useful here as well.

Maxwell 2


Maxwell is a clinical psychologist, mental health researcher, and student of spirituality. He lives at home with his wife and two dogs and has been a  spiritual student since his childhood.
Christopher is a primary school teacher, a tai chi instructor, a traveller and loves to rock a tune on the guitar.


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