Welcome to the White Lotus, a website created & maintained by like minded people to study spirituality together and share the journey of learning with others.

Please feel free to read our blog posts where we aim to catalogue our experiences in this rapid, technological, and ever changing world. The ideas that form the basis of this site were developed when Maxwell and Christopher identified identical life goals of working together to make the world a better place, finding peace together and sharing the abundant love.

A community of spiritual seekers working together can do more than any one person can. As Iroh, the Grand Master of the Order of the White Lotus in the cartoon Avatar, says:

While it is always best to believe in one’s self, a little help from others can be a great blessing.

Iroh.jpgPlease drop us a line, tell us what inspires you, and let us know what you’d like us to work on together so we can all find our peace.